Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm going over my entries to the Communication Arts Photography issue that is coming due this week. As usual they announce a deadline, and then just as it is about to end, they extend the deadline by a week or two. That extension is the period where I find myself bearing down on what I would like to submit. Having had images accepted, as well as having none accepted, I begin to ask myself how strongly I feel about the images I'm likely to enter. Right now I'm wondering about the pig photo (above) that I shot last spring outside a supermarket in Interlaken Switzerland--I'm not sure about that one just yet. And because no one likes to throw money away I ponder the cost/benefit ratio. Of the images I've had published in the Communication Arts Photography issue I've made enough in stock sales to justify a fair amount of risk. One particular image sold over $10,000 in stock and another resulted in an additional $2000. Interestingly, when these went into the Getty Images catalog they generated very few sales. But, still, the cost and the economy nags at me to hold down my submissions and to evaluate whether I submit a cost effective series of shots ($60 for a series of 5) rather than the more expensive, but more realistic individual submission costing $30 a pop. Communication Arts seems to be leveraging game theory quite well.

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