Friday, April 24, 2009

Cypress tree Pebble Beach

I'm not naturally drawn to nature as subject matter. I'm more inclined to view disruptions of the natural order as ripe for picture making. But still, I do appreciate what others have done in this area. On those occasions when in such scenic locations--and when carrying my camera--I do snap away with the thought that perhaps something will rise above the ordinary wonderfulness. Later, when confronted with the decision to devote time to a photo, I've concluded that my image offers nothing of particular value. On this particular day where the beauty of the central California coast was the most obvious visual disturbance, I surprised myself by liking this.

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Janette Canare said...

After seeing this post on flickr, I realized I seldom saw nature imagery as the subject of your work. Now I know why. I am selfishly pleased you made an exception on this day.