Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Computer Signed by Steve Jobs

My first MacIntosh computer--the Mac Plus purchased in 1986 for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500.  Luckily I had it on hand in 1989 as a prop for a photo shoot with most of the original MacIntosh team for the 5 year anniversary (scroll down).  In the photo are most of the people whose names were embossed on the inside of the plastic case.  They're mimicking a familiar Steve Jobs hand gesture at my suggestion.
At that shoot I asked those present to sign the underside of my Mac.  Here's a photo of that.
Among those not present at that event were Bill Atkinson, Burrell Smith and Steve Jobs.  I frequently see Burrell Smith walking in Palo Alto and have tried to ask him to sign the computer but he refuses, and although I have photographed Bill Atkinson I forgot to bring the computer along.  As for the Steve Jobs autograph--I did not forget to bring the computer on my last shoot with him.  Here is that signature.


Lily said...

So jealous you have that computer! By the way, was interested in using one of your photos on Flickr in a textbook. Tried to email your address, but my message came back undelivered saying your mailbox was full. Anyway to get in touch?

Janette said...

Saw an unsigned version of that in exhibit at the MoMA (NYC) last summer. But yours is more interesting. And I always wonder what happened to that Bösendorfer in Bandley 3 (5)? Hopefully not just gathering dust and languishing in someone's living room.

Benita Bolland said...

Wow! That Mac is definitely a prized possession. It's nice that you got Steve Jobs to sign it. I hope a lot more folks can see that, and that it'll last for generations. That's truly a great symbol of Steve Job's legacy.