Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photolucida 2011 part II

One common comment heard around the Benson Hotel lobby is 'How are your reviews going?' Well my reviews had a bookends quality to them. I had my first review on Thursday with Susan Spiritus of the eponymous gallery in Newport Beach, California. It couldn't have gone better. Susan was enthusiastic about my portfolio and the allotted time seemed insufficient. I left feeling that Photolucida was going to be a triumph. But of course that isn't how these events generally go.

The last reviewer on Sunday was Crista Dix proprietor of Wall Space Gallery in Seattle and Santa Barbara, California. Before looking at photos she asked what I hoped to get out of the review. I said that, like nearly everyone there, I was looking for opportunities to show work in galleries such as Wall Space. As she began flipping through the first few images I said that I hoped to show in Wall Space. Without pausing Ms Dix said that my work wasn't appropriate for Wall Space because she needed images that told stories outside of the frame. Since this happened within the first five minutes I contemplated making an early exit for the airport. Later, as I reviewed the artists chosen for representation, I have to admit to not getting the connection between Dix's stated goal and the images presented. As the review proceeded we had an interesting discussion about the economics of running a gallery and the tenuous times we're in. I wish her all the best in maintaining the galleries.

In between those bookends the most interesting review was also my disaster. Michael Mazzeo immediately started complaining about my presentation. Since I print on tracing paper it has become necessary to show photos in sleeves. To him this presented an obstacle. He then went on a rant that kept repeating 'I can't see them, they're too fuzzy'. Having no defense I simply kept quiet. As the review came to a conclusion I sincerely thanked him for honestly sharing his true feeling about what I showed. I might disagree, but that's how taste in art goes. I have no complaints.

On the lighter side, I discovered that reviewer Paula Tognarelli and I have a shared history. We both worked as strippers in our youth.

These are some shots I took while in Portland. They don't represent work I brought to Photolucida.

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Anonymous said...

Its interesting to hear what different gallery reviewers had to say, although I'm not at all surprised Susan Spiritus was positive about your work.